Artisan Development and Livelihood Support

Artisan Development and Livelihood Support

Most womenartisans in the rural and remote belts of Punjabare at the disposal of middlemen to supply them with raw materials, give them production orders, and then sell their products ahead through their own channels. The artisans are not in touch with the actual customers and have nosay in setting the price for their products. In this process,what the artisans get in hand is a dismal income for their all efforts.

SEWA Punjab workstowards facilitating the livelihoods of artisans and ensuringfair renumeration for their products by linking them directly to the market. Outreach activities are conducted to identify and mobilize them into groups, and to make them aware of the value of their work.Assistance is provided to them at all steps,from product ideation to designs, price-fixing, marketing and reaching out to local customers. Further, SEWA Punjab is affiliated to SEWA Ruaab, a garment production company owned and operated by SEWA artisan members. By collaborating with this platform and linking artisans of Punjab to it, SEWA Punjab aims to further enhance and develop their skills and livelihoods.

Below is a description of the successful activities that have been carried out in the past to explore growth and marketing opportunities for artisans and advocate for their rights as workers-

-> Nabha is the hub of home-based paranda makers who are left to face several vulnerabilities because of middlemen. As part of the activities to work for their development, SEWA Punjab conducted outreach sessions to help them link directly to markets. The artisans were mobilized and encouraged to participate in an exhibition in Chandigarh. Here, they earned four times the price of what they used to get per paranda. This not only helped them earn well but also improved their confidence in their abilities and work.

-> “Pehla SHG Mela – LAADO” was organized in October 2019 by the Department of Social Security and Women and Child Development wherein Self-Help Groups from Punjab, Rajasthan and Jharkhand participated. SEWA had put up 6 stalls with members from Ahmedabad, Uttarakhand, Punjab, and Lucknow. SEWA Punjab conducted an orientation session on how these SHGs could market their products to maximize sales. Many SHGs were participating for the first time, so they were also guided by SEWA Punjab on how to price their products, display them in their stalls and package them. Thanks to this event, the SHGs learned basics of marketing and could gauge the trends of a city for the next event.

-> Artisans showcase at Mahila Bazar- During a community outreach session in Jayanti Majri area of Mohali, SEWA Punjab identifieda group of young girlswho although had dropped out of school due to poor financial circumstances, had earlier received formal training in stitching. A discussion was held on their common issues, and they were encouraged to work together to earn a livelihood and participate in the upcoming local exhibition. They were helped to stitch an array of products like cushions and tray covers and the stall was a great success, which highly motivated the women.