SEWA Punjab Sangini Program

SEWA Punjab Sangini Program

SEWASangini Punjab Mutual Benefit Trust

SEWA Sangini Punjab is registered as a Mutual Benefit Trust with an overall objective of promoting the livelihood and welfare of the trainees and workers by providing them with the necessary capacity building as well as technical, legal, and financial support. The Board of the Trust includes domestic workers to ensure adequate representation. It also safeguards the rights of the trained and placed Sanginis by providing them an institution which will act as a support system and help them in times of conflict with the employer.

4.5.2 SEWA Sangini Skill Training Program Punjab

In August 2019 SEWA Punjab started the SEWA Sangini skill training program under the aegis of SEWA Bharat, which has a long history of skilling underprivileged women, connecting them to potential employers and looking after their interests. In Punjab the SEWASanginistarted its operations in 2019, funded by Government of Punjab in collaboration with Department of Social Security and Development of Women and Childrenwith its skill training program for Homecare assistantsfor the women of Punjab and the Tri-city area. The program is aimed at providing specialized (non-technical) Elder Care and Child Care training to equip the women to find work with better working conditions. Its objective is to empower marginalized poor women from low income communities, facilitate their economic self-reliance and improve their living conditions.

SEWA Punjab regularly conducts outreach and mobilization activities with women in poor and low-income areas of Mohali and other districts to connect with the beneficiary groups and make them aware of the programs.

The training of the women, known as SEWA Sanginis, includes both vocational and life skills to nurture their all- round development. More often than not SEWA Sangini trainees in their previous experience have been domestic workers unable to fulfileven their basic family requirements, such as education, health and income growth. SEWA Sangini aims to build a collective of such women who through the training program  and subsequent placements are able to uplift themselves through their improved performance as specialized care providers, and with enhanced income, become empowered as they gain an understanding of their rights and entitlements as women workers.

Each woman is given a uniform with a badge after completing the training and getting successfully placed to identify herself as a Sangini. Outreach activities are conducted post training to help them find a suitable workplace, and regular supervision is conducted to ensure their well-being.The following are the key entitlements that the SEWA Sangini workers are empowered with-

  • Right to quality of work life, dignity, and self-respect
  • Right to timely food / rest break during work hours
  • Right to one weekly paid off, or, minimum 2-3 paid leaves in a month
  • Right to say no to the work if the worker is not comfortable doingit
  • Right to safety and security at the workplace
  • Right to leave an unsatisfactory work environment

  • RBI Creche Facility

    As part of the SEWA SanginiPunjab Mutual Benefit Trust, SEWA Punjab entered in to a tied up with Reserve Bank of India, Chandigarh for setting up a child day care centre to look after the children of the employees admitted to this facility. Trained SEWA Sanginistaff are employed as child caretakers at the RBI Crèche for providing relevant services as required including running and managing the day-to-day operations of the centre, providing supervisory support as well as planning and maintenance of activities, resources and tools to maintain healthy and safe child-care activities for the children availing the day care. This tie up has helped use the skills of the Sanginiday care staff, empower them financially and has assured them job security and assistance.